Monday, November 19, 2018

Vehicle Tracking System – an Important Factor to Consider

GPS based vehicle tracking system enables to track precise locations of manifold vehicles in the real-time. Well, it involves a GPS device fixed to the vehicle and software that gathers the pictures and data of the vehicle’s position on the screen. Besides from vehicle location, a GPS device can easily send a real-time information about the condition of the vehicle and specific events that are set in the device. For example, the most commonly tracked events in public transport are vehicles’ speed, ignition (off/on), doors (closed/open).

Tracking offline and online

GPS heavy vehicle tracking system transmits real-time data to application software through the cellular network. In case connection gets lost, data will be kept in internal memory and conveyed when the network becomes accessible. Modern heavy vehicle tracking system lets you see and evaluate data on laptop or desktop and on tablets and mobile phones as well.

The use of vehicle tracking system

GPS tracking system can be used for both light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. GPS tracking system for vehicles is extensively used in logistics but other organizations also make use of it in order to track their own vehicles, guarantying that staff members are not using them for personal reasons but only for the business purpose. Other areas that use GPS tracking system actively include perishable goods transport, car rental, public transport, firms that manufacture building, agriculture, and other types of machinery.

Productivity and efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of GPS tracking system is increased efficiency and productivity in transportation-related business operations.  The capability of tracking commercial vehicles allows to exactly guess delivery times, inform consumers about a late delivery, changed delivery date or time in advance. Other businesses use vehicle tracking system to ensure discipline among the vehicle users of the company, in this manner saving operational costs as well. One thing about a GPS based vehicle tracking system is certain – in one way or another, this saves money and time for business.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Benefits of Installing a Two-Wheeler GPS Tracking Device

So, you have invested your hard-earned money in purchasing your dream bike. Maybe this is the first bike that you have ever owned. Or perhaps it is your birthday present that you have purchased for your son. Not to mention, it will be devastating in case your bike gets stolen. Although the more advanced variety of two-wheelers might have immobilizers and alarms, most skilled thieves know exactly how to disable these devices. Such incidents have become more common these days. So, you should invest in a Two-wheeler GPS tracking device.

Some of the benefits of using a bike GPS tracker are as follows:

  • The device is highly effective in case of businesses associated with sales and deliveries. The location of the bike or delivery person can be determined easily.
  • The tracking device is smaller in size. It never requires much effort for installing such a device. And the best part is that the two-wheeler GPS tracker price is affordable.
  • The waterproofing feature of such GPS tracker allows these to be easily used during the rainy season as well.
  • Two-wheeler tracker can help to piece together the whole situation in case of mishaps.
  • A tracker can offer the minute details of an entire accident. It would be easier for the police to continue with the case.
  • In a mobile gadget, a bike tracker can easily be traced by sending an SMS. Let you know that the GPS tracking system always responds with latitude, longitude, and the speed of the motorbike in real time.
  • GPS tracker can help to jam a bike. An unlicensed person attempting to start a bike soon understands that it’s not an easy task. A text enters the phone and an alarm fixed in the motorbike immediately cuts off the supply of power to the engine, thus jamming the bike.
It is wise to choose a competent and reputed brand to get the best results.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Why to Choose GPS Tracking System for Trucks?

GPS or even global positioning system as it is broadly known user electronic device for road vehicles. The device was one of the most helpful military inventions which finished its way to the civil division. First planned to guide missiles and bombers, it has now turned into the single most used navigational structure around the world.

If you possess a truck or even a fleet of trucks, possibilities are you previously have installed GPS trackers to your automobile. If you have not, you will most definitely reassess and decide to purchase one before you have reached the end of the location.

So why should you find a GPS system?

First reason is the clear one - to use it as a navigational support. It is definitely time saver with the help GPS is so much that the system will pay back in days or weeks. However, apart from the clear reason, there are several others. What about the New GSM network linked GPS tracking systems? You will get the coordinates of your vehicle or automobiles in almost real time.
The payback of such option range from tracking a stolen automobile, allowing the owner to have the precise location of the stolen property instants after the theft is noticed and notifies the control with exact coordinates, to real time fleet organization.

GPS Tracking System for Trucks in India also permits the data to be stored for later analysis, permitting the maintenance crews to identify the exact mileage and sketch the deterrent maintenance works required accordingly, saving a lot of time to the handing stuff to take care of more significant matters.

All the outfitted costs will be reduce, as less problems will come about en route, stopped by timely response of your service technicians, permitting you to maximize takings, so significant in times of global disaster.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

How helpful is Vehicle tracking system in India is?

World widely, cases of vehicle theft and wrong driver performance have endorsed individuals and businesses to fix vehicle tracking devices. However, a number of manufacturers provide the choice of a pre-installed car tracker device, many shy away due to the expert nature of the device and the assist the requirements to be provided that required to provide after sale. It is one of the basic ideas why after market choices are simply a hot favourite. No doubt, the science of telematics is highly advanced, and recent developments have rendered difficulty to the offerings. Here are some compelling ideas for fixing an aftermarket machine.

Remote monitoring of performance of the driver

The compulsions as well as pace of a hectic life is directive that drivers be entrusted with the task of selecting and dropping family members from teaching institutions or places of work and vacation. Instead of the fret with exposure, it would be a good choice to be completely aware of the route taken by a driver by having faith on a hidden Vehicle Tracking System for cars. By checking over a period it is possible to completely understand if a driver is showing any signs of bad intention. Such things can be easily achieved by:

Checking speed – The fixing of speed governors may not be possible or sensible for the users. The unseen GPS tracking device comes with the choice of configuring it to get immediate updates on more over speeding.

Focusing on the Geo fence to get event driven alerts on different routes

A Vehicle tracking system in India gives car owners and fleet managers the choices of receiving triggers when the vehicle crosses a pre-configured geo fence region. The co-ordinates can be changes by the user as and when necessary, giving absolute control and actual time updates on vehicle place.